Our Company

Zenus as it is known today evolved from a collaboration between company co-founder Doug Widdifield and Dr. Robert Bingham, an orthopedic surgeon, who concluded after 40 years of treating patients with conventional drugs and surgery that there had to be a better way to heal people with chronic and degenerative conditions.

What we discovered through his research into arthritis treatment at the time - and what still inspires us today - is the time-honored belief that drugs can't cure disease, and that the healing arts must return back to nature for solutions and formulas which empower our body's innate wisdom.

We also recognize that sustainability applies to people just as it does our environment at large, that the whole-food formulas we produce must adhere to the strictest quality standards, that each of our extraction processes must never denature any of the constituents found only in nature and that informing the public with the right information about their wellness remains a paramount objective.

Our Products

Host Resistance is the key.

Virtually all disease of a degenerative or chronic nature is the direct result of accumulated waste and bodily functions not working at optimal levels. The good news is that there are steps we can take - right now - to alter our wellness trajectory and begin to reverse unhealthy trends.

At Zenus, that journey begins with our gateway proprietary formula in Optimum D-Tox. As is the case with all of our products, no supplement can cure the afflicted on its own. However, what we can do is provide the body with all the tools it needs to combat the daily onslaught of toxins, poisons and pathogens that erode the immune system designed to keep the body well.

Our Philosophy

Let there be no doubt that we live in conditions which are harmful to our bodies at a profound level. In fact, we live in a world that is filled with unprecedented levels of toxins and poisons which compromise our immune system, where collective lifestyle choices and workplace stress further complicate this problem and that a heavily regulated society now attempts to make most of our health choices for us.

Treating symptoms alone can never lead to discovery or treatment of chronic disease.

We need a great deal more than our current disease-care model which has resulted in skyrocketing health costs while eroding our general level of personal wellness. As there is no healing without teaching, we cannot repair and restore our bodies without first recognizing that our living systems need additional support to optimize balance and extend our quality of life.

Eliminate the toxins - restore balance and enjoy wellness. It's that simple!