Virtually every chronic condition is linked to poisons and toxins.

Eliminate the toxins - restore balance and enjoy wellness. It's that simple!

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Optimum D-Tox is a Cutting-Edge, Proprietary Colon Support Formulation held in the highest regard worldwide. It is gentle, non-invasive and so much more than the name implies - while safe to use daily.

Optimum D-Tox: Nature's Adaptogen

Optimum D-Tox contains 100% schidigera yucca which produces anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-aging, anti-oxidant properties and its own Vitamin A, C, B complex, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper and resveratrol. It is considered by herbalists to be an adaptogen. An adaptogen helps balance the body and increases the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.

Virtually all disease of a degenerative or chronic nature is the direct result of accumulated waste and bodily functions not working at optimal levels. The good news is that there are effective steps anyone can take - right now - to alter your wellness trajectory and begins to reverse unhealthy trends. That journey can start today with the best detoxification product on the market, featuring a whole-food supplement that continues to change lives with endorsements worldwide.

Using Optimum D-Tox on a regular daily basis will assure the breakdown and elimination of accumulated waste, thus helping to create an intestinal environment much more resistant to attracting harmful pathogens, viruses or germs. It also provides your system with a unique set of natural constituents that can assist the body in restoring balance to any area that may have been previously compromised by accumulated waste, while supercharging the effects of other supplements and whole-food sources of vitamins, minerals and trace-minerals. Remember, most degenerative or chronic conditions are the direct result of body pollutants.

What You Need To Know:

  • Digestive and immune functions typically decline with age, contributing to disease within the digestive tract and throughout the body.
  • The strength of our body's immune system finds its origin in the digestive tract.
  • Phyto-sterol compounds contained in Optimum D-Tox motivate aerobic (friendly) bacteria to proliferate throughout the colon creating a hostile environment for disease-causing pathogens, mold and viruses.
  • Optimum D-Tox provides optimal colon support that may reduce cancer risk and eliminate or reduce pain resulting from inflammation.
  • Saponins are naturally occurring 'bile acid sequestrates' contained in Optimum D-Tox. Bile acids are compounds used to digest fat that are manufactured by the liver from cholesterol. Saponins bind to cholesterol-containing bile and pathogens forming molecules too large to be absorbed through the intestinal wall, and thus pass through the digestive tract and are excreted. Saponins cause a lowering of body cholesterol by preventing its re-absorption and increasing its excretion. Saponins also relieve stress from the body's vital immune system. This enables the body's natural immune system and antibodies to be more efficient in combating the low grade inflammation that is so significant in reducing the causes of progressive heart disease.
  • Optimum D-Tox promotes a healthy well-being and balance in the body that triggers the body's own natural immune system to help eliminate the causes of frequent colds and flu, parasite, yeast and other fungal infections as well as constipation and digestive disorders.
  • People are adding supplements and vitamins to their daily routines at record pace. However, what many fail to do is recognize the significance of a proper detoxification regimen that will only enhance the effects of these often-costly supplements longer term. Simply put, there is no substitute for detoxification and there is no product quite like Optimum D-Tox when paired with proper nutrition and healthy life choices.

Optimum D-Tox is Changing Lives

Treating symptoms with drugs will never lead to discovery or a solution to chronic disease.


Direct From Nature's Pharmacy

Zenus Global Health has been at the forefront of the whole-food nutritional movement. featuring exclusive, proprietary-extract formulas that have been tested around the world and are proven to change the outcome of people's lives.

Today, even as our global footprint continues to expand into Asia, Europe and Australia, we have never lost our curiosity or overlooked the importance of Optimum D-Tox and why it continues to gain more traction in a modern world overriden with clear and present challenges to our well-being. Nor have we lost our passion to serve a workplace left under siege from the pressures of eroding nutrition, workplace stress and the overwhelming dangers of poisons and toxins. The challenges are infinite and we are no closer to solving the root cause of chronic disease; in fact, we spend more for health care than ever before, and never have we been so under threat both at work and at home.

Zenus is a premier whole-foods nutritional company and we bring products to market which support a balanced and healthy lifestyle. What makes our company unique in the industry is the individualized coaching and support that our members receive and how they inspire so many others when they share their own success stories with Zenus products. This includes the most powerful detoxifying formulas in the marketplace today in Optimum D-Tox and Esseniac Herbal Tea. The richest source of Vitamin C on the planet, found in every bottle of C-Food. The most effective, whole-food chelator in Kelate which promotes relief from dangerous toxic heavy metals. And then there is Powre, which features both the highest natural concentration of an amino acid known as Citrulline and potent antioxidant properties that are crucial to your health.

The all-encompassing journey towards optimal wellness and the validation we receive from our customers continues to affirm the legacy we established more than 30 years ago: To engineer products that battle disease in all its forms, to bring people together in a shared journey towards optimal wellness and to make a difference for people in need of our whole-food products. At Zenus, we hope you become members as we are now reaching out to a new generation under threat from chronic disease and remain poised for yet another period of explosive growth as people discover the efficacy of our products - and how young people have come to realize that their future will depend on taking control of their health choices.

What we discovered through some of our earliest research - and what still inspires us today - is the time-honored belief that drugs can't cure disease, and that the healing arts must return back to nature for solutions and formulas which empower our body's innate wisdom.

We also recognize that sustainability applies to people just as it does our environment at large, that the whole-food formulas we produce must adhere to the strictest quality standards, that each of our extraction processes must never denature any of the constituents found only in nature and that informing the public with the right information about their wellness remains a paramount objective.

Consequently, our customers receive a great deal more than supplements, as we regard them as an emerging class of wellness-conscious consumers who have a plan to meet or exceed personal nutrition, weight-management and wellness objectives. As there is no healing without teaching, we cannot repair and restore our bodies without first recognizing that our living systems need additional support to optimize balance and extend our quality of life.

We hope you take advantage of this once-in-a-generation offer from Zenus - and make Optimum D-Tox part of your daily regimen. It comes from one the harshest environments in the world, yet endowed with so many special properties that it has been called The Foundation of Life after a five-year study abroad. Optimum D-Tox has been at the foundation of our company and so many success stories from around the world.

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The answers to premature aging and chronic disease are linked with nature.


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You Don't Have To Be The Next Statistic of Chronic Disease

Statements on this website have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. Optimum D-Tox is sold as a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, or cure any disease or illness. What we do at Zenus is provide the body with the tools it needs to combat the daily onslaught of toxins, poisons and pathogens that erode an immune system designed to keep the body well.

You should always consult a physician and/or other health care professional before starting this or any nutrition program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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Our track record of success is reflected in the lives our company has touched. Here are some of their tremendous recoveries and remarkable journeys which have inspired us in their pursuit of optimal wellness.

What Doctors Are Saying

Researchers are looking closely at saponins' biochemical properties, which they believe include mechanisms that can stimulate the immune system, ward off microbial and fungal infections, and protect against viruses.
- Manuel F. R. Balandrin, Chemist - Science News, Vol. 148

The binding of bile acids by saponins cause a depletion of body cholesterol by preventing its re-absorption. Having other important implications — bile acids excreted in the bile are called primary bile acids. They are metabolized by bacteria in the colon, producing secondary bile acids. Some of the secondary bile acids are promoters of colon cancer. By binding to primary bile acids, saponins reduce formation of the secondary bile acids. Saponins have a direct stimulatory effect on the immune system.
- Peter R. Cheeke, Ph D., Professor of Comparative Nutrition
  Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University

Keith Johnson, MD., editor of the Turn Back the Clock newsletter, states: "Adding yucca saponins to your diet will act as a natural cortisone, and will wash out the harmful poisons that cause arthritis."

Dr. Herbert DeloRey

My relationship with Doug spans over 20 years. I have lectured with him and accompanied him to China in 1999 where we addressed the Chinese Ministry of Health and various dignitaries in parliament. [His] book is changing lives! It is destined to become a classic.

Dr. Herbert DeloRey Board Certified Naturopath
Dr. Arthur R. Davis, Jr. MD

Doug and I have collaborated and lectured on health together since the late-1980s and have enjoyed a mutual kinship over the years. His book is very enlightening and common-sensical approach to the body's functionality and its relation to a healthy lifestyle and health care.

Dr. Arthur R. Davis, Jr. MD Dedicated to Healing
Dr. George Ritter, D.C.

Every machine and gadget that we acquire comes with an instruction book so we can learn to operate the item correctly and efficiently. When you read and follow this instruction book, you will come out on the winning end of the battle for good health - and help avoid disease.

Dr. George Ritter, D.C. Santa Paula Chiropractic Center

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